Why spend more on a rifle stock than you need to?

When it comes to pricing, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that rifle stocks are very similar to other consumer goods. 

A manufacturer determines how to price their product largely by considering two major factors: 

  • A) What does it cost to produce the product?
  • B) What price will the market support?

Here at AG Composites, we know what the market will support.  We see our closest competitors selling fiberglass stocks for nearly $1,000 and carbon fiber stocks selling for well over $1,000, in some cases. 

Our quality is as good as any of our competitors and better than most.  That’s the truth.  So why does AG Composites sell carbon fiber and fiberglass stocks at a lower cost?  Well, simply put, our cost to produce rifle stocks is lower than the competition without cutting a single corner.  We build world-class stocks and give the customer a break while maintaining uncompromising quality.

So what’s our production secret?  It’s no secret.  It’s called economies of scale.

AG Composites is the largest producer of carbon fiber rifle stocks in the world, and that doesn’t include our line of fiberglass stocks.  The huge upfront investment we made in equipment and processes – not to mention volume pricing from raw material suppliers – means that our expense per stock is lower. 

Labor is the one input that isn’t reduced as a result of high volume.  Our stocks are made by US citizens, in the US, and we pay our people well.  They come from all backgrounds.  Some are veterans.  Some are single moms.  Some are fresh out of school while others are nearing retirement.  We have a large, well-trained crew and they’re very good at what they do.  Skilled labor comes at a high cost, as it should. 

Yes, we could raise our prices to match our biggest competitors and enjoy thicker profit margins per-stock as a result, but that would be a short-term market strategy.  Instead, we’ve taken a long stance. 

We believe that by maintaining our approach to pricing and our commitment to producing world-class products, we’ll continue gaining market share among buyers of premium stocks.

We also place a high-quality option in reach of customers that would typically be shopping for a lower-quality, budget stock.  Those buyers can spend a little more and get a lot more.  That’s especially true with our line of fiberglass stocks. 

Customers looking to build a rifle or replace their factory stock can buy an AG Composites stock of equal or greater quality compared to the most expensive options on the market.  The savings can then be applied elsewhere on the rifle.  It allows the buyer to upgrade their barrel or optic at the same overall build price.  Or the extra money can be spent on ammunition or hunting trips.  Where to spend the savings is up to the customer. 

Why spend more on a rifle stock than you need to?  We can’t think of a good reason, especially now that we’re inletting stocks for the Remington model 700, custom 700 clones, Bergara, Tikka, and later this year, Savage and Howa 1500.  If you don’t see the option you’re looking for on the website, give us call.


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